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District Goals

2019-2020 School Year

1. Curriculum, Instructional Program, and Assessment

  • To provide multiple vocational experiences for students and align on-campus and off campus programs to assist with transition. This will include our new Business Center

  • Program and expanded on-campus vocational opportunities.

  • To connect authentic assessment results to the development of achievable IEP objectives based on the NJ learning standards and student needs

2. Professional Development, Feedback and Evaluation

  • To develop and implement a plan for on-going staff collaboration across programs, with
  • community partners, and between ACSSSD and other districts to improve educational
  • opportunities.
  • To cultivate a culture of collaboration and collegiality in which staff share, research, and
  • reflect on learning to improve their students’ outcomes, facilitation through participation and monitoring of PLC’s

3. Technology

  • To upgrade our website to enhance communication with all stakeholders.

  • To incorporate technology to strengthen learning, it may include web-based programs or

    assistive devices

4. Operations

  • To continue to work to share services and find efficiencies across both districts ACIT and


  • To continue to implement cost effective practices and protocols in all departments to

    benefit our students, our sending districts, and the Atlantic County community.